Your 20s/30s are probably the most difficult years of your life.

It’s finding yourself and realising you don’t know who you are.

It’s deciding what you want to do with your life and realising you don’t know what that is.

It’s choosing a life partner and realising you don’t want one.

It’s trying to make a steady income and realising you can’t work for anyone.

It’s starting a business and realising you don’t like being in charge.

It’s a lot of ups and downs and uncertainties.

You should know…

This is not to guide you to a right path because we don’t believe this exists.

This is to let you know that it’s OK to be confused.

It’s OK to make mistakes.

It’s OK to fail.

It’s OK to have no idea who you are.

It’s OK to not know what you want.

It’s OK to feel the pressures of society.

It’s OK to realise that these pressures shouldn’t control you.

There isn’t only one acceptable way of living.

We’re all just trying to be adults.

What to do…

Read our experiences and send us yours.

See what other people are going through and realise you’re not alone.


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